Yoga Classes

We provide provide 1-2-1 yoga sessions & classes, to help you have a healthier and well-rounded life, through yoga & movement. Classes are held either outside or in the pictured training room.

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Eternal Music Experience Events

We regularly hold immersive music experiences at Eternal Lake, with top musicians and music producers, djs, rappers and singers. Learn about their unique journey into music in a entertaining workshop. Co-create a track live altogether, then sit back and enjoy a live gig with the Musician of the month, with a BBQ at Pure Planet Cafe.

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Full Moon Gong Gatherings

We run regular Gong, Sound Healing Baths. These evenings are ceremonial group meditations, which incorporate a guided meditation, Cacao Ceremony and a Sound Journey created live using traditional Tibetan instruments, overlays of recordings and immersive chants. Click here to find out more.

Earthing & Wild Meditation

Nature connection is so vital to a balanced and healthy life. We have lost our way somewhat and need to come home and find our true natures. One way in which to do this is through barefoot connection to the Earth, commonly known as grounding, or earthing.

Lizi’s outside meditations are a great introduction to this method of Nature connection and includes meditation with sound bowls, energy cleanse, tea ceremony and Nature Art Creation.

Earthing and Wild Meditations are group sessions are run throughout the spring and summer seasons. Perfect for an alternative hen do, baby shower or friends gathering.

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Fri 4th Aug Fri 8th September

New Moon Meditation Evenings

Come and feel relaxed, revitalised and refreshed. Enjoy a meditation experience.

Guided Meditation Journey

Relaxing Stretch

Sound healing

Energy Cleanse

This event is perfect for you if you are starting out on your meditation journey, if you feel called for healing and have a need to unwind and let go.

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Traditional Wing Chun

Wing Chun, a Traditional Chinese Martial Art, is taught every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Free trial classes are open to anyone over the age of 11. Click here to book your free trial class.

Drum & Space Ecstatic Dance Nights

An evening of open expression, movement and music. Drop the rhythm and come and experience an immersive drumming circle, ecstatic dancing with an expressive DJ set that will take you high on your own supply!

Held within the chilled vibes of Eternal Lake’s Event room, this evening is set for you to feel into your own embodiment. To open your heart and express your Self, like never before.

Sober and Connected we will co-create an amazing energetic vibe as we dance into the night together.

Cafe open for snacks/beverages.

Activities for Kids

We have a range of activities, ideal to immerse your children in sensory play and creativity in a natural setting. Regular Kid’s Wild Walks, Nature Crafts and workshops all set around nature.

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Wellness Days & Retreats

We hold sessions, workshops and retreats for groups to come and better understand their body, mind and spirit connection.  

These events are energy awakening, mind freeing and confidence building in nature.

  The days are individually tailored to the group depending on the intention, including a mix of the following sessions: Tai Chi, Yoga, Gong-Sound Bath, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Visualisation, Earthing, Energy practices and Nature Walks.

We have run these events for corporate team building days, alternative hen dos, birthday parties and retreats.

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