Eternal lake is a beautiful spring-fed chalk lake set within our sixty acre, privately owned, wildlife reserve. You have the security of knowing that your loved ones will not be disturbed from where they are laid to rest and no risk of pollution or dredging as there can be with river or sea placements.\n\nBoat placements or scatterings on an inland lake have no rough waves, meaning placements can take place smoothly as and when agreed in other than in the most exceptional weather conditions.

You are free to visit the Eternal Lake after the placement subject to continuing membership, the costs of which go to run the nature reserve and keep it the way you would wish to see it and care for nature.

The Eternal Lake café, private car parking, and meeting room facilities, are available for hire for a wake or gathering of friends and family. This also ensures a worry free visit for placements.

Peace Reef is not a typical graveyard or final placement scheme; it is a highly professional environmental project that needs your help into the future and in exchange offers an understanding professional service that will cater for your needs to a high standard.

Our ‘Eternal Peace’ boat can take up to eight persons plus two crew for memorial placements or scatterings on the lake with a navigation system capable of pinpointing any part of the lake with high accuracy.

Different religions may desire specific areas and with this in mind, Peace Reef accordingly offers specific different religious areas for memorial placements. Ashes placements are over one specific area. Placement areas for memorials have specific areas for different religions and we are open to sections being reserved for families or groups with underwater themes including temples and family vaults.

Every placement is recorded in our records and a certificate provided so that you will always know the location of your loved ones memorial. Unlike river or sea scatterings, scattered ashes will remain very close to where they were scattered at Eternal lake.

Friends or family travelling to a service at the Eternal Lake may need accommodation. Eternal Lake’s wide range of Glamping cabins are available for hire in these wonderful nature reserve surroundings. They are available for booking all year round for holidays or annual memorial visits.

Simple grave markers may be all standard cemeteries permit due to the risk of vandalism. At Peace Reef, a wide range of memorials are possible from lions and eagles to inspirational rearing horses and graceful dancers. Please discuss the range of options with our professionals. We are here to help carry out your wishes.

Our craftsmen and women are here to help cast the cremains into the base of your chosen memorial statue or urn using PH neutral cement prior to placement. Keepsakes may be added if wished and if you wish to take part.

Can additional family members be placed together? Yes absolutely. Family vaults, trees or spaces can be provided by agreement providing this is reserved at the first placement.

Pets. We all love our pets and it is hard when they die. Peace Reef offers an exclusive area dedicated to pet ashes scattering or memorial placements. Many wish their pet ashes to be joined with their own, please see list of charges.

Can two partners or husband and wife be placed in the same memorial or scattering. Yes absolutely, please see charges below and how to choose and urn or statue.