An amazing space for your event or class

Eternal Lake Nature Reserve & Pureplanet Cafe & Shop can offer a unique space and service, including planned catering to make your event special!

Indoor Room for Hire

Our Event Room is an amazingly versatile space measuring 24 ft x 40ft. It is available to hire for classes, and training related to wellness, music, science, and more. If you are interested to hire the space please email with the details. Please note in accordance with the rules of the nature reserve, all events are sober as alcohol is banned on site. Please see below for full terms and conditions.

Outdoor Event Space

The spring and summer months are a great opportunity to take your event outside. Eternal Lake has wonderful spaces around the Eternal Dolman and Stone Circle.

Event Booking Terms & Conditions

These terms set up the agreement between Buckland Lake Ltd (Eternal Lake Administration) and you, the ‘hirer’.

All bookings made will be subject to the Eternal Lake Administration conditions as stipulated below:

1. Confirmation: All bookings must be requested by email and confirmed by the Eternal Lake Administration.

2. Facilities: Car parking spaces are available, Toilets (Male, Female, Disabled), Other equipment can be made available through prior agreement with the Eternal Lake Administration, which includes a projector, PA system, musical instruments etc.

3. Numbers: Where catering and hire of equipment are required the hirer must inform the Eternal Lake Administration of the final numbers of delegates two working days prior to the booking date.

4. Use of rooms: The hirer shall not use the rooms for any purpose other than that agreed in advance with the Eternal Lake Administration. The hirer shall not sub-hire or allow the rooms to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way. The hirer shall not do anything which may endanger Eternal Lake, its reputation or any insurance policies in respect of the nature reserve.

  • Use of the room is subject to providing a valid insurance certificate with policy wording and terms and conditions which must be provided before a booking is accepted by the Eternal Lake Administration.

5. Payment: Payment is due seven days from the issue of the invoice.

  • Please note all bookings must be confirmed by email by the Eternal Lake Administration.
  • The room hire rate is £15 per hour + VAT

6. Cancellations: If the hirer wishes to cancel a room booking they must advise the Eternal Lake Administration verbally as soon as possible followed by a written/ email notice of cancellation. Notification by an acknowledged email is accepted.

Late cancellation fees are as follows:

Days prior to booking start dateCancellation fee
14 -7 days50%
7 days -1 day75%
24 hours100%

The Eternal Lake Administration reserves the right to cancel a booking if:

(a) The Training Room is closed as a result of any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Eternal Lake Administration.

(b) The hirer is more than 30 days in arrears in payment to Eternal Lake Administration.

7. Equipment: Use of any portable electrical equipment brought onto the premises is not allowed unless it has been agreed by the Eternal Lake Administration and the equipment has a current and valid portable appliance test certificate issued by a qualified electrical engineer.

  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure any lights, heaters, fans, power sockets are turned off and windows are closed before leaving the Training Room. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the room is correctly secured and the main entrance gate locked if the event is ending outside of the reserve’s normal opening hours.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any equipment in the room is not misused, damaged or taken out of the room.
  • The hirer agrees to compensate Buckland Lake Ltd for any loss or damage done to the building or property inside the building by them or anyone using the room with them.

8. Finishing times: All events, conferences, meetings and functions are required to finish at a time agreed when the booking is made. Extensions to such agreed times shall not be possible without prior agreement with Eternal Lake Administration. The room is available 15 minutes prior to the reservation and 15 minutes after the reservation to allow time to set up and finish up. We ask that effort is made to promptly leave on time.

9. Health and Fire Safety: The hirer is required to make themselves and guests aware of and adhere to all health, safety, and fire regulations at the nature resrve.

The building is strictly no smoking throughout. Smoking is only permitted in the designated area by the cafe.