At Eternal lake Nature Reserve we are focused on Wellness in nature. Nature holds a majestic and healing frequency, when we as humans take time to connect with nature, we connect to ourselves on a deeper and more meaningful level, this in its self is an act of healing.

Life is lumpy, we are all thrown off balance along the way and need a helping hand at times.

At Eternal Lake Nature Reserve we have an array of techniques and state of the art modalities to help with a holistic healing journey.

These offerings include Mindfulness and Meditation courses, Physical Movement classes, Sound and Frequency events, Holistic Health courses, Conscious Crafting, Wellness Day Retreats, Free Community Events and private therapy sessions.

Wellness Events can be booked online by following the link on our events page.

We provide Hydrogen Health sessions and One to One therapy sessions incorporating neuropsycho-immunology and hypnosis to heal and harmonise mind, body and soul.

One to One therapy sessions, online or in person, can be booked by emailing us at

We can then arrange one of our team to call you for a consultation and begin the journey with you to find freedom and health.

Our in house therapists can listen to your issues, whether these be physical dis-ease symptoms, anxieties or unwanted behavioural patterns and enlighten you with a holistic approach to finding a harmonious and balanced way to find your true nature. We have all been programmed by our upbringing and have experienced trauma in our lives. Unreleased emotions and internalised insecurities can manifest in disease symptoms in the body and in thoughts. This can become a toxic cycle of negative thinking and being until you deeply unburden yourself of these emotions and programmes.

When we are unaware to the fact we are supremely powerful beings of light and energy, we can become entangled in low and limited ways of thinking and being. Working through blockages internally with a helpful, non judgemental, holistic therapist can be a quick way to turn your life and health around.

Each session will be uniquely tailored to your particular needs and can incorporate nutritional information, breathwork, visualisation, meditation, trauma releasing, psychoneuroimmunolgy techniques, hypnosis, hydrogen breathing, conscious coaching, earthing and energy work. All with the mind, body and soul together approach we can create a new reality and perspective.

Everything we do is holistic and treats the whole.

Get back to Nature at Eternal Lake

Eternal Lake Nature Reserve is a place to come to find peace and serenity, a place to open up and accept yourself and start a new way of being.

The wellness sessions can take place at the nature reserve in person, or online.

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